Trump’s speech is a genre in and of itself. Treating it as an artistic medium, we want to explore user-constructed realities through a crowdsourced investigation into his rhetorical crowd surfing. The spectacle which we call Trumpian public speaking.

In order to get as close to the source as possible we made an interactive twitter-based video installation. Our aim is to shift the surreal effect of his speaking. Is Trump distorting the media landscape or is he himself an effect of this distortion? In reversing the cycle of meaning-production we aim to reveal the forces behind the scenes of the Twitter spectacle, allowing viewers to literally shape the content of his speech.

In essence, what happens when politics is reduced to sound bites and contorted into whatever voters truly want to hear? Is the resulting twitter bot the ultimate Populist? Does this automated politician perhaps even Trump Donald Trump himself?

This is a collaborative piece by Lars Høie, Tatiana Ermolaeva, Koa Pham and Tuan Anh Le.